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Dr. Andersen is a trusted Orthodontist with offices in Brigham City and Tremonton/Garland, Utah. Every day we strive to provide the best in orthodontic care for adults and children. We are pleased you have decided to take a step forward toward orthodontic treatment.

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"What a pleasant, although long experience. Great staff. I'm confident in their plan for giving me a better smile."

Review Verified on 11/13/2019
"Seems to be busier than in years past which makes access more difficult and wait times longer but friendly staff and overall good experiences. We are on our 4th to have braces with Dr. Andersen."

Review Verified on 11/8/2019
"Love the people here!:)"

Review Verified on 11/7/2019
"Awesome staff and orthodontist."

Review Verified on 11/7/2019
"Wonderful staff!"

Review Verified on 11/6/2019
"Aylee loved coming there everyone so was sweet and nice and happy"

Review Verified on 11/5/2019
"I would recommend your office to my friends and family."

Review Verified on 10/31/2019
"The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr Anderson has been great with Carter. They are really great to work around my sons extremely busy schedule."

Review Verified on 10/31/2019
"The difference in her teeth when we came in and now is amazing! Thanks so much!"

Review Verified on 10/29/2019
"Even after three hand a half years they remembered me every time I went in, and even my sister who had her braces off soon after I got mine on. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and genuinely care about every one of their patients."

Review Verified on 10/25/2019
"Dr. Andersen's staff has been amazing to work with."

Review Verified on 10/25/2019
"Great place."

Review Verified on 10/17/2019
"Very knowledgeable in what they are doing. The staff was very nice and friendly. They made my daughter feel special. Very happy with our service and will recommend them to everyone!"

Review Verified on 10/16/2019
"Was grest :)"

Review Verified on 10/9/2019
"Dr. Anderson and his employees are the kindest people! Not to mention I love my new smile!"

Review Verified on 10/9/2019
"Really nice people that are good at their jobs"

Review Verified on 10/3/2019
"My daughter has severe dental anxiety. She has to be put to sleep for any dental work. She was very worried about getting braces! Dr. Anderson and his amazing staff took her through each step with understanding and care. In the end she said well that didn't hurt! She looks great with her new braces and we are looking forward to her end results!"

Review Verified on 10/3/2019
"Dr. Andersen and all the staff there are very friendly and professional. Thanks"

Review Verified on 10/3/2019
"Clark is thorough and does an excellent job! Sixteen months with braces as an adult and my teeth look so much better and worth the time! Wish I would’ve gone in sooner!"

Review Verified on 10/2/2019
"Love Dr. Anderson and the staff! Everyone is always so friendly and nice."

Review Verified on 9/27/2019

Review Verified on 9/27/2019
"They did a great job and they were all very nice."

Review Verified on 9/26/2019
"He's very happy with his Fantastic SMILE!!!"

Review Verified on 9/25/2019
"They are amazing."

Review Verified on 9/20/2019
"Kudo! Thank you for getting Sky's teeth looking great. Gap on front teeth is gone."

Review Verified on 9/19/2019
"I have been under Dr. Anderson’s care for the past 1 1/2 years and have been very pleased. Our goals set initially have been met and I have been very happy with his orthodontic assistants, office staff, environment, technology, financial terms with discount for prepayment, and I have been especially pleased with the care by Dr. Anderson. I am 66 years old and not the usual age of his patients, but I received first class treatment throughout the entire process."

Review Verified on 9/19/2019
"So friendly and quick! They always get us right in and are so good to my kids."

Review Verified on 8/30/2019
"So Happy with Charlie's braces! Joy was so helpful, kind and walked Charlie through each step! So happy we chose Andersen Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 8/20/2019
"The whole entire staff was amazing & sweet. They made the experience so comfortable and dr Andersen went above and beyond to give me the perfect smile. YOU GUYS ROCK!!"

Review Verified on 8/20/2019
"Great people"

Review Verified on 8/8/2019
"Very friendly! Answered all our questions."

Review Verified on 8/1/2019
"You guys are awesome"

Review Verified on 8/1/2019
"Everyone here rocks!!"

Review Verified on 6/19/2019
"We love and appreciate the whole staff!!!!"

Review Verified on 6/12/2019
"Amazing work! My son always felt welcome!"

Review Verified on 6/7/2019
"Very good, friendly staff and a great smile!"

Review Verified on 6/6/2019
"Edge orthodontics was everything we hoped for. The staff is knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Andersen is very personable and easy to work with. We would recommend to everyone!"

Review Verified on 5/30/2019
"Such a friendly staff and Dr. Andersen is my favorite!"

Review Verified on 5/30/2019
"Dr Clark Anderson and staff made having braces fun."

Review Verified on 5/15/2019
"Great work! I'm glad I got to work with great people"

Review Verified on 5/15/2019
"Edge Orthodontics did an amazing job ensuring my son was comfortable and informed. My son likes to know why he is doing something, and they answered all of his questions."

Review Verified on 4/24/2019
"Great looking teeth for both Valerie and Luke Olsen! We also think you are all amazing!"

Review Verified on 4/23/2019
Reviews 169 - 210 of 445

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